Unlocking the Potential of Online Raffles and Lotteries for Nonprofits

The North American charitable gaming market, valued at over $2 billion, is experiencing a surge in growth, driven by advancements in online and mobile raffle technologies and lottery programs.

Explore how these digital solutions are revolutionizing fundraising practices and discover how your nonprofit can leverage these tools to thrive.


Why It's Crucial

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Boost Engagement and Enhance Donor Relationships

Online raffles and sweepstakes have a unique appeal with the exciting prospect of winning substantial prizes, which attracts donors. These tools are excellent for engaging new supporters, re-engaging past donors, and enhancing overall donor acquisition.

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Streamline Costs and Amplify Returns

Conducting fundraising events online significantly reduces operational and administrative costs compared to traditional in-person events, resulting in a higher Return on Investment (RoI). Online platforms level the playing field, making it accessible for charities of all sizes to participate effectively.

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Access Cutting-Edge Data Management

Our state-of-the-art online raffle technology ensures quick processing from ticket sales to event completion and winner selection, while seamlessly handling regulatory and licensing requirements. We prioritize transparency with meticulous data management and real-time reporting.

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Expand Your Reach

Unlike traditional in-person raffles that are limited by location, online raffles allow you to connect with a vast audience, potentially on a global scale, removing geographical barriers and expanding your donor base.


What our customers say

“Working with Ascend has been a great experience. I have very high expectations for myself when it comes to building out programs and must admit I was impressed with the quality of work and effort put in by the Ascend team.”

“Right from the start we received excellent customer service from Ascend. They have a great team that works with you not for you and we could not be happier with the results!”

“The return from this 50-50program will be the lifesaver that each of our independently operated member clubs need and will result in a healthy return to sport for our youth participants across Ontario.”